Woodex Asia is the largest exhibition on woodworking technologies in India, which was held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Gujarat contributes 40% of the wood industry in India, with more than 5,000 saw mills, more than 300 plywood, and other timber based industries, Gujarat holds a significant role in the wood industry of India.

“Waste to value” is what drives CPM/DI-PIU, and we were happy to be a part of this exhibition. Our purpose was to educate and transfer knowledge on usage of CPM Machines, which makes pellets from wood, agricultural and municipal waste.

Woodex Asia 2018 has generated tremendous business with footfalls of more than 15,000 attendees from across the nation. Wood manufacturers, Saw miller owners, Pellet/briquette manufacturers, Timber Importers, Furniture manufacturers etc. were part of the expo.

Woodex Asia 2018 was a conducive platform for forging joint ventures and collaborations and an open marketplace to source ideal solutions. In sum, Woodex ASIA 2018 was the open-access doorway to the global marketplace and a business solution.

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