Increasing the demand for a solution to crop burning. Turning Agri-Waste into biofuel pellets can be one of the solutions for this growing problem in India.

Air Pollution from Stubble Burning Costing India $30 Billion Annually. The study also estimated the economic cost of exposure to air pollution from crop residue burning at USD 30 billion or nearly Rs 2 lakh crore annually for the three north Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

Air pollution due to crop residue burning in northern India is a leading risk factor of acute respiratory infections and causes economic loss.

In five years, the economic loss due to the burning of crop residue and firecrackers is estimated to be USD 190 billion, or nearly 1.7 percent of India’s GDP.

Smoke from the burning of agricultural crop residue by farmers in Haryana and Punjab especially contributes to Delhi’s poor air, increasing the risk of ARI three-fold for those living in districts with intense crop burning,

CPM global biomass group has the right solutions for this!

CPM pellet machines turn your Agri-Waste into Biofuels which has a huge demand in the market. Pellets are new biomass fuel. For the low cost and high burning rate, it’s a good substitute for firewood, coal, oil, gas. Biomass pellets are widely used in heating, cooling, boiler and power plant.

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